Self Promotion That Works!

So many of us get busy with the day to day tasks that life presents us, and a lot of people turn to others to do their promotions. Not a horrible idea, unless this source is using you to promote themselves. You should never have to promote your promoter, as they are supposed to be the professionals……right?

I have clients that get personalized promotions, and never do I ever promote myself on their pages. Everything is so automated these days, that it is difficult to determine if you are reading a post, tweet, snap, chat or blog that has been created by the person, or a company acting on their behalf.

Promote yourself! Use Hootsuite and you can craft your own messages and send them out to all your social media platforms with one click, and you can interact with followers from all your sites on one app. Or use a company that WILL NOT use your social media to promote themselves. Loss of human interaction in this day of automation is one thing, but to eliminate the human element completely is a travesty.

Happy Promoting!


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