Social Media Promotional Tools 101

Accounts you should sign up for include, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Reddit (as a minimum)

Learning to use #’s will help you reach more people. There are two great ways to find out what people are talking about, and using those hashtags will get your article onto more pages. The first is Twitter itself, use the search box to see what # might enhance your article. The trending hashtags on the left side is also a  good place to see what to write about. I had several articles go viral, using the trending topics on twitter. Just type in your key word in the search box and a drop down will appear showing you what others are talking about, and what hash tags are being used.

There are trending topics on Twitter, (left hand side) and any article written about these while trending have a good chance to go viral.

The next tool is which is a free tool (with pop ups ugh) but can be very useful in helping to find the correct trending hash tags that will help to boost your post.

Simply type in your keyword, and the “radar” will show you all the things people are talking about. Green dots means currently trending, red means it is winding down. Using more than one trending hash tag will up your chances of being seen tremendously. Just follow the lines and add a second trending # to help you get seen.

Facebook is also a good resource and by joining groups in the area’s that you are writing you will have another place to promote yourself.

Post your articles to all your social media sites professionally, and always include your featured image. The url will automatically generate a thumbnail for Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin, but will not on Twitter. Just google ‘snipping tool’ and use this tool to capture your featured image from your article. After you select and save the photo, go into your drive where you saved it, and click on it to ‘change name’ now go to the .jpg part of the name, and change it to .png. This will now automatically save your clips to the png format. Twitter is much happier with .png files than jpg, and it will post your photo nice and professional. Try to keep the pics at around 640 x 450 and they will post as shown below, instead of a little link that says “click to open picture”


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