Educate Don’t Alienate!

Composing a Tweet, post, or promotion is easy, doing it in a way that will attract your target audience without alienating potential customers or followers is a little trickier.

The first 3 words of your post should be crafted to grab attention in a positive way. Studies show that starting a heading, header, tweet or article with a key word, and even better, a key word that is currently trending, increases your chances of being seen by double.

Multiple key words can get your post to go viral, so how do we find and link key words for our benefit? One source is sonar bottlenose! Sonar is exactly how this tool appears, in a circle with key words spread about, and lines connecting it to other key words people are using, along with the Primary Key Term (PKT).

Sonar also uses color codes to show the user whether the words are currently trending, on the rise, or on the decline. A valuable tool indeed, once one gets used to using it. Do not mislead your followers, just type in what you are looking to use as a key word for your post and see what everyone is talking about. Then, if possible, use a second key word in your post.

Happy Promoting


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