Seasonal Promotional Ideas!

Spring is here, although it does not feel like it in much of the mid-east, so when promoting, keep in mind what your target audience is going through.

Easter is over, spring is here, keep your promotions light-hearted, as that is what the audience is feeling in much of the U.S. Time spent on your promotion headline will get you more interest than just paying attention to the content you want your audience to click on.

Capitalize every word over 3 letters, and using a question mark or exclamation point also grabs the attention. Never capitalize the whole heading, or the whole of the text. Emphasize only the most important primary key words.

Add pictures or photo’s to your promotions, as most people are visual beings. Keep in mind the formats that are the most compatible for the social media site you are targeting, for example Twitter likes .png far better than .jpeg photo’s.

Many people love the summer so play on that emotion and use the word summer in your headings when possible, or use a beach or water scene as your picture. Check your photos for copywrite or use Flickr’s creative commons. You have to grab them before you can get them to CLICK!

Happy Promoting!


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