Promotional Ideas For Today’s Social Media

Social media promoting and networking is an ever changing and moving target. Getting where you need to be, and engaging those that are your target audience can be an effort in patience. Sometimes it is hard to know what is going to take, and what is going to be yesterdays news.

WhoSay, HeyLets, and MySpace, will one of these catch on, or make a comeback? MySpace has experienced a recent influx of users and visitors with the take off of Throw Back Thursdays. Former users flocked to the old icon to retrieve photo’s once posted there. WhoSay is a site that the celebrities are moving towards to avoid the Twitter empire and its controversial tweets. The newest is HeyLets which caters to local markets getting people to post about people, places and things of interest in any given state.

When promoting it is generally accepted to follow the crowd. Jumping ship to early, or making an incorrect call based on instinct could be a costly one indeed.

Post often, use pictures, and think of your posts as headlines, and craft them with the intent to grab attention. The next best thing will not leave you behind, you can always jump on that train anywhere prior to the caboose!

Happy Promoting

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