Don’t Panic Promote!

What is panic promoting? Well it is when we see those “last chance” and “only one day left” headlines. It is over used and it just does not seem to have the desired effect on people anymore. I certainly don’t believe that it is my last chance to buy anything.

Time to take a positive approach, as there are many things that really are on their last day, week, hour for the consumer to purchase. Try starting out with “Its Been a Great Week for________, so Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to get it. Maybe start out with “This is What Our Customers are Saying About___________, Don’t Miss The Last Day to Purchase__________”!

Make me want to check it out, don’t just tell me its my last chance, it just seems a bit desperate.
Notice that you Headlines should have every word capitalized that is over 3 letters. It grabs the eye better than all caps or all lowercase.

They way to get consumers to your page, book, article, product is to answer their questions First, then tell them it is their last chance to get it.

Happy Promoting!

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