LOOK AT ME ! Titles that Pop!

When promoting yourself, your product, your article or anything else, crafting the perfect title to draw people in is imperative. Exclamation marks, quotes, question marks are some of the things that draw the eye. It is, however, the overall content of your headline, or title that will make or break your promotional campaign.

Titles that pique curiosity tend to do better than just a straight forward line. “Zombies Apocalypse: 5 Reasons it Could Actually Happen” is an example of a few tricks to draw readers in. First the word Zombies and Apocalypse are usually trending words in the world of social media. Having two of these words ups the chance of being seen. You can check for trending words on sonar bottlenose, its a great tool that will link trending words together for you, to see what people are talking about.Second, lists, people love to read lists instead of just a straight forward article.

Third, using a title that answers a question tends to do well at drawing an audience. Like “Three Ways to Tell if You Have Bedbugs” answers the question, “How do I know if I have bed bugs”.

Last, use a picture to get your point across, people are visual beings, and learning what type and size of photo that your social media sites accept will give your post or promotion that extra boost!

CEO – KCs Bookshelf Promotions

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