Promotional Tool Box Must Have’s!

Things everyone that does promotion needs to have in their tool box, are simple yet highly effective. First is knowing how to post with pictures, this is a great way to get more eyes on your brand.

Second, knowing where to post to reach as many people as possible for the services you are offering. Are you local? Yellow Pages is great for local outreach. Do your research and see what local social media outlets you can find. Facebook groups are also a good place to target a localized clientele.

Interactions, if you don’t have time to react, relate and communicate with those that see your posts, get someone that will.

Be fresh! See what others in your industry are doing, and then try to think outside the box. If dog groomers, for instance, are all posting “after” pictures of their pooches, try showing your wash area (with one of your clients that love the water of course). Give tips and tricks on how to keep your dog looking pet parlor fresh, any thing that will set you aside from the competition.

Post at least once daily to build your brand and your audience, (more if possible) to keep people engaged. Here at KC’s Bookshelf we have promoted for Wedding Services, which is easy because they have tons of photo’s. We chose to use some of their promotional time to promote ALL their services individually, for example, we told their followers that photo booths are not just for weddings. : ) ¬†Another client is an exterminator, and that is more of an educational type of promotion.

Happy Promoting


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