When Life Interferes – How to get back on the Promotional Track

We all have other things in our lives aside from those things that we are promoting. When life throws us a curve ball, getting back on track to keep your clients, and followers engaged, is priority.

The easiest thing, of course, is paying someone to do your promotional business. I promote over 100 writers, as well as write, and when I have personal issues, the writers still get promoted, but I do not. I have to jump back onto the social media platforms and let everyone know I am still here, and still engaged in what they are doing. I try to touch base via cell phone when possible, connecting to social media on the go. Even if it is just a re-tweet or a like, your presence is still there.

When possible, touch on your personal issues, and I do not mean telling the world your personal business. I just mean that it makes us human to have personal problems, it makes us more approachable, and it highlights the fact that we are the one posting and not some machine.

I personally promote every article for two publications, and I open each and every article and skim it so that I know what it is about, so I can best promote it. Promotion takes a little research at times, so that you can reach your intended audience.

So now that I am back, and healthy, and my family is whole, I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up too!


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