Reading, Writing, and Promotion!

My love of writing came from my love of reading, which translated into doing book reviews. Writing articles also comes from reading, from finding that one little nugget that I can dig around and research the things people are talking about.

Some of the more interesting things that people get into conversations about, are usually controversial. As is my latest article, which is about UFO’s and is very interesting to say the least. Whether you believe or not, reading will keep you engaged and open your mind to what others believe.

Promoting such articles that are thought provoking or controversial also needs research. There are groups out there that feed off of information such as what I have written about, and others that like to take that information and rip it to threads. So research and reach out to those groups!

When it comes to controversial articles, it really IS true that all comments, good and bad, will make the article a popular one. So I present to you, my latest controversial article about real life events in Norway.

UFO Raw Footage Documented by Scientists [Video]
Read more at Guardian Liberty Voice

Read, Write and Promote!

Senior Social Media Analyst

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