Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting Your Business

DO – Promote daily, and interact with those that follow you!

DON’T – Over promote and get yourself considered spam, some people will take the same message and send it out 5 times an hour.

DO – Use pictures, photos, cartoons, anything that will grab the eye and draw people in to see the written words.

DON’T – Use offensive material, don’t alienate a race, gender or ethnicity of those that may see your message.

DO – Be respectful, join in conversations, find like minded people, tap into Facebook groups, find people on Twitter that may be interested in your content and tweet your message @ them, but only once per day.

DON’T – be afraid to interact, play around and get used to the social media platforms you are using.

DON’T – be baited into debates, and arguments on line.

DON’T be afraid to ask for help, some of us need to use a lot of material and time to create a presence on social media. Many of us do not have the time.

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