Promote Til it Hurts!

Just kidding! Promoting should not hurt, it should actually be a pleasant experience, and will be once you know what you are doing. Promoting is a bit like bragging, tell your audience, followers, clients, the best of what you do. Short, to the point posts, are usually the best way to capture and keep attention.

Use a program like Hootsuite to run promotions throughout the day. Like when having a special, or a sale, or even a give-a-way, you want to get the word out there at multiple times of the day, but who has the time to sit at the computer all day? Using a software that allows you to schedule your posts for different times of the day will streamline your promotion process.

Speaking of promoting, I think I will promote my newest article published on The Public Slate. The article is called ‘Great Lakes to Get Cruise Ship’ Read more at>

Happy Promoting!


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