Promotional Suicide?

Promotional suicide? Is this really a thing? Some say yes, and some say no, it is a debate that really needs quantitative evidence for me to believe. Can one use bad techniques to promote a product or service? Absolutely! At most it will make people question whether they should continue to follow you, or friend you, and depending on the blunder, they could choose to not use your product or service. Will it kill all future promotional efforts? I don’t believe so.

Suicide in business comes with bad practices, management and poor customer support, not from words on a social media site. Bad reviews and comments can hurt a small business unless they know how to handle them and correct the situation. As a writer, I have received some very nasty comments, however, it is on the content of my article, and not a personal attack. In writing, a bad comment can draw in more readers as easily as a good comment.

If you are confused by promotions as they are run today, or you don’t have the time to spend to build up your visibility, then contact a professional. Chances are in just 3-6 months you will have a prominent and professional, on line image that will be easier to manage. Managing an established site is easier than getting it going initially, and sometimes hiring a promotional management team is just the shot in the arm your promotions need.


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