Writing Funk!

Sometimes I sit and go through news site after news site, then hit the social media sites, and find I have no energy to research and write an article. It is different from a block, as there is ample stuff out there to write about, it is just a funk. Working through it is not easy, it is almost like a writers depression. Then, I find an amazing article that I am promoting, and I connect to it on a writers level, and it is like getting a dose of ‘funk be gone.’

So if one finds themselves in a ‘funk,’ get out there on social media, and give someone else a like, retweet, snap, chat, whatever, and shake off the blues. Sometimes it takes a small gesture of kindness to re-set the attitude and to begin to write again. Sometimes it takes a lot of small gestures to shake it off, and at other times it just takes time to jump off the woe is me train.

Go back and re-promote one of your favorite articles, books, poem, or song, and interact with those that are like minded. A successful promotion will give you that boost of confidence that will allow the blues to be gone.


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