Small Business Promoting

Sometimes it just helps to know what and where to promote, how much you should spend to promote, and how to craft a SEO website so that potential clients can find you. If you are a local business the best place to start is with a well crafted website, and it doesn’t cost much to make a professional page that you can add to later. We offer website building for as low as a one time cost of $100, and you own the site, we do not.

Now where to advertise? Small businesses generally want to attract locals, and building a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn is a good place to start. Get your friends to help, get family to ‘like’ your page, and with every ‘like’ you now have a presence to their friends. Do not OVER Promote, as this can be considered spam, and those that will see your feed on their personal pages will not want to have you take over their wall. Every post should be well considered and deliberate in the attempt to gain a presence on social media.

LinkedIn is a great place for small businesses to network with others and find an audience for your products or services. Google+ is also a good place for business minded individuals to spread the word.

Remember a good social media analyst can drive traffic to your website, a great analyst will make them stay and help you build your business!


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