Promotional Buzz Word – Happy [Video]

If you are promoting anything, it should make you and most importantly your followers happy. Keep it upbeat, and get your point across using positive reinforcement in your messages. Some days it can be challenging to put on that happy face, so always read and re-read your messages before you post them.

Negative feedback is always hard to deal with, and as a writer I have taken my fair share of verbal beatings. Initially I let it affect me and my work, but after a while I found that even the negative comments sparked conversation, which in turn lured more people to view my articles. When you are a business owner and you get negative feedback, it is important to address it immediately. Do not get into verbal battles with others on line, take it off of your social media sites whenever possible.

So in keeping with having happy thoughts and happy posts, I am sharing something that made me very happy when viewing it. Below is a video compilation of over 40 pop hits and it made me smile, so I fell compelled to share!


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