Writing with Respect!

Writing is easy, anyone can do it! LOL LOL If only it was that easy, those that write novels, I give you much respect. Not only do you have the ability to have mastered the English language, you also have the artistry to make words come alive on the page.

Writing for me is a struggle when I write articles, it is easy when I am promoting someone else. I find it much easier to brag about someone else than myself, which is why I am a better social media analyst than a writer. Writing is also not an occupation for someone that wants to be a millionaire, writing news, entertainment and other articles is not for sissy’s! It takes time to make a meager wage, unlike being a successful author, which can bring one a tidy little sum if you are good enough.

Respecting the written word is the beginning of an epic journey if one is willing to put forth the effort. Promoting the written word is an art of patience and having the right time and tools.

Happy Writing!


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