What to Say, When You Have Nothing to Say! Part 2

We talked about using humor to inject a little levity into your posts. Cartoons, quotes, sayings and inspirational sayings are also good things to add the human touch to your social media socializing.

Now lets look at what others are talking about, what is trending? It is a good method to interact with your followers, clients and fans by getting into a conversation with them, about what THEY care about. Doing just a little research into your social media sites can produce a lot of interesting things that can be expanded on. On Twitter and Facebook, the side bars have whats trending and what many people are talking about. This is a good way to find new followers by talking about whats hot with others, if you don’t have an opinion, find another topic that may interest you.

Remember, it is not always about you! Sometimes others just want to interact, or to laugh and smile, and bringing these qualities to your posts will allow others to see the lighter side of your life.

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