Friday the 13th – Good Day for Promotions!

Here it is, good old Friday the 13th, what a good day to connect with your followers with humor. Many are superstitious, and many are not, but what we all have in common is humor. Any Holiday, like upcoming Valentines day and even the reportedly bad luck day like today, is a good day to promote your work or your business.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with something catchy to say, or some witty way to promote your book, your writing, or your business, and days like these give us a chance to connect on a more personal level. Letting your followers know you are a human, will give you credibility through out the year. Lending levity to your posts will make existing followers happy to see your posts, and could possibly draw others into following you.

The name of the game is promotion! No snap, chat, tweet or post is too mundane as long as you change it up. Interjecting humor with what you really want to say will likely reap rewards.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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