Writing Doesn’t Need to be Frightening !

It took a lot of work to transition into an article writer, and even more time to learn the art of promotion via social media. Write everyday, and check your social media sites everyday. This can be time consuming if you have multiple sites, and there are apps out there that help to organize social media sites, but if you have more than two, they will want money.

After you start advertising or promoting via social media, there is a learning curve, so don’t expect to get 100 followers in the first week. It can take months to hit the 100 mark, but when you do, it will become easier everyday. Interaction through sharing, retweeting, or marking something as a favorite will go a long way with the people you are interacting with. If you spread their work, or word, they are more likely to spread yours.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and as you get used to social media you will find that some of the most popular sites, DO think outside the normal lines. Creative writers get the most notice! If you are to busy running a business, then hire a professional that will enhance your message, and remember they do not come at a high price!


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