Social Media Analysis 101

How does one know if the promotions you are sending out are effective? It may not just be based on who may have contacted you, one should also consider how far your posts have reached. There are many tools out there, and many are right on your social media pages. WordPress has site stats, and if you are picked up by Google, there are Google Analytic’s. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also have site stats, although they are generalized.

So how do we effectively promote ourselves, and have the statistics to back up our decisions on how we move forward with future promotions. Professionals have tools that will accumulate data over time and give you the optimum times for posts based on previous posts engagement. These are not cost effective for the small business owner however, and everyone should be aware that it is not rocket science as some social media management companies will lead you to believe.

If you are doing your own promotions, check your site stats often and do a simple chart to keep track of your posts engagements. It will take time but you will eventually see a trend that you can capitalize on. If you cannot do your own analysis, find a company that will do your posts and analysis for no more than $200 a month. (We have packages as low as $50 a month) Happy Analyzing!

Kristi Cereska

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