Today I Write And Throw Myself on the Mercy of the Editors!

Today after a busy day of promotion, I write. I sat down and composed an article that amused me, and which I will publish here after the editors have their way with it. It has been a while, and it did my soul good to sit down and let the creative juices flow. Some-days it is hard to find original content, and I refuse to publish regurgitated articles, and being in the ring with approximately 200 other content writers does not make matters easier.

I write on what moves me, amuses me and intrigues me. It can be local, or not, funny or sad, enlightening or alarming, but it is always original content. When it gets published, like all my other colleagues, I promote my article, however, unlike my fellow writers I am a certified social media analyst, so I like to think I have a leg up on them. I strive for that one article that goes viral and makes me more than just a few dollars. When I see success within my grasp, I put on my social media hat and give it a push, just as I do for my fellow writers.

So today I write, and hopefully publish a light-hearted and heart warming article. Stay tuned!

Kristi Cereska

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