Shameless Self Promotion!

That has been my mantra since I started working and studying social media, and it continues to serve me well. Do not ever think that you or your product is not worth the time to promote it properly. Be aware that it is OK to promote yourself, but also know how to randomize your posts so that you do not become considered spam. There are so many ‘bots’ out there that companies use to send promotional messages, that people become desensitized and no longer even read their posts.

If you work hard to become a respected source of information, do not ruin it by hiring a company that will robo-tize your posts. Hand crafted posts with a photo or cartoon will do better than an automated system that is just putting out random messages with no person behind them to answer or interact.

My passion is to help others achieve greatness, and my talent is knowing how to do so! More shameless self promotion after my latest article gets published.

by Kristi Cereska

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