Lost in a Sea of Writers !

I am a writer and a social media analyst, and sometimes I find myself lost in a sea of talented writers. The only thing I like better than crafting an original article, is promoting another authors article, and watching it go viral. Looking at hundreds of article titles each day sometimes gets me to a place where writers block would be welcome. It is overwhelming at times looking at what others are writing about, when I have nothing of my own to write.

How do writers get past these times of writing turmoil? I for one, throw myself into the promotion side of my business, and challenge myself to come up with a new and effective way to promote someone or something. When I stumble onto an exciting new concept that will help my clients, I feel reinvigorated, and next thing I know…….I am writing.

Knowing your strengths and applying them to your everyday job will make you and your business stronger. I have seen effective promotions and those that just fell flat, and I take that knowledge with me and apply it to each and every one of my clients. I watch them and their businesses get stronger. The more they win, the better I get at writing! Win / Win !

So if you write articles, or books or own your own business, your strength will come with that first successful social media promotion. When you hit that first 100 follower mark it will strengthen your resolve to do the best that you can.

Senior Social Media Analyst

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