What to Say, When You Have Nothing to Say!

Sometimes coming up with something to say is harder than it sounds, and when you are promoting a business it is important to always be connected to your clients, and followers. Finding something clever can be as easy as checking out some cartoons that pertain to your line of work. Start a dialog about a topic that is trending that day, or try to start your own trend.

Being a writer serves me well when I am promoting others. A Wedding planning company that was using our services received many hits when we posted wedding cartoons. We also promote writers and their articles on a daily basis, so we have a lot of content to draw on. That being said, we always stop and acknowledge every holiday, and take the time to wish our readers and their families a safe and happy holiday. It lets them know there is an actual person behind the posts and not some web bot.

The key to successful promoting is knowing your target audience, knowing what key words people are using when looking for a service, and interacting with your followers on a daily basis. So Pin, Post, Tweet, Snap and Chat away, and watch the escalation in hits.

Need help? Contact us for a plan customized just for you! kristi01c@gmail.com

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