Social Media Promotions Doesn’t Have to Be A Full Time Job!

Today there are so many social media sites that it can become confusing to those that really need it to promote a business or service. What sites do you pick? How many do you need? What sites will have the biggest impact on my bottom line? For many, promoting a business used to be a handshake and a newspaper ad, but those days are long gone. So here is a short but sweet summation of the most popular sites.

Facebook: This is a great venue for all businesses, it is easy to understand and manage and Facebook groups help you get noticed faster.

Twitter: This is a bit more labor intensive, however the rewards can be reaching more people quickly than most other sites. It requires attention and knowledge of trending subjects and use of hashtags.

LinkedIn: This is a great resource for finding work or seeking employment, what many do not know is it is a great resource to get the word out about your business. It is easier to keep followers on LinkedIn than most other sites.

Google+: This is a great resource for whatever you may do and want to promote. It is straight forward and easy to use.

Pintrest: This is a great area to showcase what you do, organizing your photo’s into categorized boxes will allow others to find what interests them quickly. It is however labor intensive to get your boards to be pinned by others. Once up and running it is a simple task to add more photo’s and your followers will look for updated photo’s often.

These are the most popular and most effective means of promoting via social media, but things change quickly and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the community that you work so hard to cultivate. There are other very viable avenues of promotion depending on what you are selling.

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