Know Your Target Audience !

Sometimes just knowing your target audience and their particular logistics will make all the difference in the world when you advertise. KC’s Bookshelf had a client in Michigan, and during times of less content to post, we would post about things happening in Michigan, such as the weather.

People in Florida, for example will not relate to 3 feet of snow, but those in the 4 season states will. If your company is global, then you will need to tap into topics that are not regional, but more general. Holidays are a good way to interact with your followers, world events, and topical new stories.

The point is to interact! The more you reach out to your customers, followers etc…. the better the chance you have of engaging them.

KC’s Bookshelf took a Wedding Planning company from Zero visibility to over 300 followers in 3 months across Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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Featured Image attributed to Mike SmiciklasFlickr License

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