Detroiter walks 21 Miles to Work – Every Day -Touches the Hearts of Many

Most have heard the stories of those that said they walked to school, seven miles, up hill, in the snow. Most of those stories are exaggerated, but not James Robertson’s story of Detroit Michigan. This 56 year-old man walks to work Monday through Friday and has never missed a day. Even days like Michigan has had lately, with snow totaling 16 inches and many days with below zero temperatures.

Ever since Robertson’s 1988 Honda died, nearly a decade ago, he has taken to the streets, to get to his factory job in Rochester Hills. He doesn’t take charity, although he has made friends in the oddest places on his Olympic size hikes through the dead of night. One business man has seen Robertson day after day, and finally asked him where he was going each and every day. The two men became friends and when possible, this generous business man gives Robertson a ride.

The factory where this inspirational man works has also made a big impression on his boss, who sets the attendance standard by Robertson. He also knows that his employee sacrifices time with his family to make it to work, as his commute takes four hours each way. He makes sure this dedicated employee has a hot hearty dinner in his stomach before making his nightly commute home, courtesy of his wife.

Many people complain, and have a ‘whoa is me’ attitude, and each of us could take away something from this mans commitment to his family. He cannot afford to move closer, nor can he afford a car, so he does what he has to. Upon hearing of his story, Detroiters have taken to ‘GoFundMe’ and to date have raised a whopping $200,000.

We cannot wait to see what Mr. Robertson will do with the money, and many are predicting that a vehicle may be in his future, but he will not take all the money which was donated. We will certainly be watching to see what this deserving man does.

By Kristi Cereska

Detroit Free Press

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