Express Yourself !

In today’s world, business is a little different than in days past. On line presence is everything, and letting your fans, customers and followers know what your up to is the start to a wonderful relationship with social media.

Do you have daily, weekly, or monthly specials? Run those specials multiple times a day to find your optimum time to reach your customers. Watch when your posts are re-tweeted or shared, and reach out to those that are doing the sharing. A simple ‘thank you for sharing,’ goes a long way.

Use visuals and graphics to get your point across, but be careful that what you post on your website is not copyrighted. Twitter and Facebook etc, are more forgiving, although making it a habit not to use copyrighted photography is always a good idea!

New start up businesses could benefit from Social Media Management to help gather followers, and get a strong presence on social media. If you know someone struggling to put themselves out there, contact us at KC’s Bookshelf! We will build you professional profiles for FREE!

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