Social Media That is Effective and Affordable

We all want to be seen, heard, or drive traffic to our websites. To be effective it takes an investment of time to get where we want to be, and that is not always easy. Getting help can be expensive and how do we find a professional that has a proven track record?

KC’s Bookshelf started out as a blog for book reviews, and it then evolved into a commentary on my venture into the world of writing. It has been a long journey in which I have learned much, met many people and educated myself to bring out the best in others. My motto is “To help Others Achieve Greatness!”

Now, years later, KC’s Bookshelf has evolved into a premiere Social Media Management Company, backed by proven methods of driving traffic to your website. I have become an graduate of Hootsuite University and have achieved the title of expert in the use of Hootsuite, a premium social media tool.

I currently promote newly published articles for two on-line newspapers and I have taken a local Wedding Planning company from zero visibility on social media, to over 300 hits per day. I create professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages for my clients for FREE!

Watch Here for tips and motivation to promote your business!

For more information please contact me at

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