Throw Back Thursday

sky diveAs I look through photo’s to post for TBT I found one that brought back both good and bad memories. I was in my 30’s and really wanted to go sky diving. So myself and a friend from work did our research and found a place in Midland Michigan where you can tandem sky dive. We signed up for Friday the 13th (what were we thinking?!) but received a call on the Wednesday prior saying they had an opening, if we wanted to do a jump at sunset. We jumped at the chance and took off from work. It was both terrifying and thrilling, and I found out why they say you do not feel like you are falling……..because you are not passing anything! Strangest sensation ever. My instructor (pictured with me above) was great. His name was Eric and he made it just a little less terrifying. The worst part was actually jumping out of the plane!

That weekend, after my jump, my sister called me and asked what my instructor’s name was and where he was from. I told her ‘Eric’ and ‘Ohio’, she then told me to sit down. I sat as she told me that his very next jump, after me, on Friday the 13th, both chutes failed and he and a 27-year-old man died. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

I am glad I did it, but I will never do it again!



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