Adventures in Writing – The Beginnning

I honestly don’t know how writers do it, life is filled with so many ups and downs right now. Hopefully I can relax and stop stressing soon, I have written 40 articles so far, and only 6 have trended. Trending means a bigger paycheck, so now I stress about how to find information that people want to hear/know about. I have written about things that are important to me, like breast cancer and alternative treatments.

Article on Breast cancer

I’ve written about things that are affecting my home town of Detroit Michigan.

GM employee’s involved in cover up?

Nothing, no trending, no making Google analytic’s, it is very frustrating. So I watch and see whats trending and I find that Entertainment news is what gets the hits. ~sigh~ Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber etc…..So how do you write something fresh that people will want to read, when these two are always in the news?  So I turn to Twitter and Bottlenose and find two subjects that I can writed about and they actually do extremely well as far as Google’s top 20. I am actually very proud of both, but one in particular, as it gives me hope. It is not just about a celebrity, but about how he overcomes being a cutter, and how he reaches out to others that have the same problem.

Ashton Irwin Trending on Twitter for both Love and Hate

Ashton Irwin







The second article is about Miley Cyrus, and the reason I am proud of this one is that Twitter lit up after her concert here in Detroit. No negative words were found on the feed, and it was something that brought a city together that really needed it.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Rave Detroit Reviews

Miley Cyrus








So you just never know what is going to hit on Google, I feel like I am playing roulette in this game of numbers. It is still exciting, but once I find my rhythm and sources I will be a much happier and less stress free writer.

Thanks to all that have been following this crazy journey. Let me know what you think, all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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