Adventures in Writing – A New Beginning

sarcasmSometimes in life we go through painful things to get to the rewards.

I have worked hard and finished writers boot camp. I survived Hell Day, which is a graded 24 hour period in which you must write 6, five hundred word articles about any topic that is trending. For me, the newspaper is based in Pacific Standard Time, so my 24 hours began at 3 AM Eastern Standard Time, Sunday Morning. I finished with an A-  on my writing and completed my oral exam with an A and am formally being inducted into the company today at 2:00 today. The most exciting thing about Hell day was watching Google Analytic’s and seeing 3 of my articles hit top 20 and 2 of them reach the top 5!!

So busy! So Exciting! It has been a long journey and now things will finally settle back into a routine. Maybe I will even find my investor/ partner for my invention now.

For those of you that write, I now understand that it is the journey where you learn the most, but the destination is the ultimate place for the soul.

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