To Be or Not To Be ………Published!

Ah this road of learning to write in a structured format, riddled with rules, and using checklists just to get through 500 words, is the hardest job I have ever loved. Although I am tired, I want to show the world my writing and ask for opinions. The hardest thing so far in “boot camp” is finding a topic to write about using their guidelines.  I now have 3 published articles and would love your input, so please take just a moment to read the two attached articles, one is serious bushiness and the other is a little more fun. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Daytona Bike Week

Breast Cancer alternatives



2 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be ………Published!

  1. Hi Kristi- I have read a few of your articles and would be happy to help you with your writing if you want me to. I have quite a bit of experience and may be able to offer some useful guidance. Ed King

    1. Thank you Ed, any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have since completed a writers boot camp and have learned a lot, however I am always up for any and all help. Thank you so much. Kristi

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