What’s in a name?

Although my blog is called KC’s bookshelf, reviews for real readers, I have found that there is not a lot of call for book reviews, at least not paid, and I have started my journey into freelance writing and shameless self promoting. So now what do I do with my blog? Do I change the name, even though I will be posting reviews periodically?

My love of reading has led me here, and my love of writing is going to take me to places in my life that I did not think possible. I have been accepted to attend a writers seminar and workshop that could lead me into a position writing for an on-line newspaper. It is SO exciting when I score a writing job, and I am still trying to illustrate my children’s book, and work on my first ever invention, so I am not sure if my blog name is appropriate any longer.

Please let me know what you think, any and all opinions are valuable to me in setting forth in this new and wondrous course that life has set for me. You are all so much more experienced and so brilliant at blogging that I can’t help but ask for all your opinions!

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