Motivation, Inspiration, and a Pink straight jacket!

Ahhhhh, I finish one job and pick up two more, if only they were paying jobs! As my husband and I embark on our “we are done raising kids” journey, I find myself trying to downsize from a 3 bedroom home into an RV. So finding motivation for exercising, writing, or anything really, has become an elusive feeling. Add to this, the coldest winter Michigan has seen in many years, and I struggle daily with finding inspiration to finish things. Starting projects, no problem, finishing……..ahhhh I need a vacation to recharge my batteries. Fortunately we leave next week for the Florida Keys! Our friends are already down there, so we know we will be able to leave the snow and cold behind and I can put all my projects out of my mind for just a little while. I will leave the straight jacket here and hope that it will ultimately not be needed. 🙂


While down there I will be trying to barter for space in RV parks for our future trips. I have found that you can find people that are interested in hiring writers in the strangest places. My friend has cancer and I went with her to get a marijuana card, and believe it or not, I actually handed out my cards to the establishment itself, one person in the waiting room, and the doctor! 😀 Who knew!

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