Writing about what you know nothing about! WTH?!

Well I got a call from the Laundromat, and he wants me to ONLY work on his marketing. No more trudging around in the cold to drum up business! I guess my opinions actually took root in this guy. Yeah Me! LOL

So now I have to come up with content for a website, a FB business page, and a newsletter. All about a subject I really know nothing about, so it is good that I have learned the process of researching through all the articles I have written prior to this. Researching is a fine art, and one that many do not do adequately. No copying or re-wording for this girl. I am into completely unique content that comes from the stimulation of immersing myself into someone else’s world.


So the fact that I survived (so far) working nights at a printing company, wind, ice and snow for the laundromat, and actually finding time to blog, has made me stronger and more determined than ever. Soon I will be finishing my 1st children’s book and will be looking to some of you to determine if I have any talent for this type of writing, I only know I enjoy it, and I have a captive audience in my grandchildren for test subjects! 🙂

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