I Hate Paper! (and you’ll never guess why)

Being a writer it is odd to say “I hate paper” but after this week it is so true. I am working a temporary job for a printing company that has to churn out 2 million images for a flier campaign for one of the car companies. I read the flier and being the consummate writer at heart, I feel I could have done a better job! LOL However, after picking up and loading approximately 30,000 sheets of paper into and out of the 3 machines per night, I don’t even care how its written, and my bleeding finger tips just want to be done already. This is what I do each night. The paper you see in the pictures are both blanks and completed content. I run 3 printers for a 10 hour shift. ~sigh~



It is amazing how dry and dusty a printing company is when doing massive amounts of paper per day. The paper dust clogs my sinus’s and the paper often cuts my exceedingly dry hands. When I am done, I will hand the owner my new business card and tell him if he ever needs any work done to his website content, or a newsletter written, I am his girl. It will all be worth it if I get a job doing what I love in the end. BIG news on my second job working for the laundromat! I will update you all tomorrow!

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