14 hours of work 5 hours of sleep! ~yawn~

Ok, working 8pm til 6am, then on to job number two at 8am !!!! My brain says “You can DO it!” my body says ” ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY!!??” I am counting the hours until the overnite job is done, then I can fit in the writing of my first in a series of children’s books, and begin networking for my bartering skills. Along with that I am still working with Invent Help on my first every invention! I simply cannot take on anything else. Not even for fun or pleasure, I am booked to capacity.


March 13th my husband and I will be leaving for the Florida Keys! We love it down there, but unfortunately it is supremely expensive to stay at an RV park. So I thought, maybe I can do some writing for these parks in exchange for a spot within the camp ground. Wish me luck, and keep following the adventures in writing for profit, and shameless self promotion!

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