Too many sticks in the fire??? ~sigh~

The old proverb when it rains it pours has never been more true. Just when I secure one job another one falls into my lap! This one is a temporary 2 week gig, so for the next two weeks I will be working 14 hours a day! May I never sleep through my alarm. ~yawn~


So now I have to find time to work on an invention I have. I have presented it to Invent Help, who are indeed helping me to bring my idea to fruition. Phase one is easy, they do all the work (for a price) Phase two however will require an investment of $10,000 dollars to make and market it. Invent help says that 1 of every 32 people they help make $100,000 or more on their inventions, so I have to ask myself, am I that ONE? I keep going back to the 80’s when I had an idea, and told my Boss. He said “Lets do it!” I was like, Right On! Then he told me I would have to take a 20k a year pay cut! UGH I was a single parent and could not do that, so I declined and he asked if he could still run with it. I said “Of course” and the last I checked, about 10 years ago, he was worth 2.5 million. So I say YES I AM that 1 in 32! (I hope)


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