Per word? Per hour? and a job falls into my lap! What?

Ok, I stumbled upon a job by answering an ad on Craig’s List. The ad was for someone to hand out fliers in my area for a laundromat. Hmmmm, I answered and got a call an hour later. I was desperate to make some money since I got laid off from my “office” job, and was surprised to find a job for $10 an hour to hand out fliers. I met with the owner at a local restaurant, and was surprised to find out that he was in the process of drumming up business through fliers, a newsletter and was interested in a web site and social media. It was starting to sound like a match made in heaven.

Nothing has ever dropped into my lap, so I am waiting to see how or if this will pan out. Today is my first day, and I will go out to do the fliers with the owner and discuss the writing portion of this job.

I have finally put together a rate sheet for my article writing and went back and forth on how to set it up. Do you charge per word? per hour? Here is what I did, I gave Choices! Pay by the hour or pay by the article, (cost based on number of words) so we will see how receptive my prospective clients are. Revision 1 = Done!

Ok, not sure what will happen today but I will keep you posted, I feel like I am in the Mystery section of the book store. 🙂


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