Ice, and sleet and snow! Oh My!

So how is it everyone in the world knows its 2014 except the one guy I work for? Walking around door to door, over treacherous ice, and gale force winds, to drum up business has me scratching my head. On the up side, he is ready to move into this century and sent me home with some things that he needs updated so he can capture a new and younger customer base.

HAH! I’m in my 50’s and I am going to bring him into the age of technology, my kids will never believe me and send me texts like “oh Mom, smh” (Shaking My Head) It is an exciting new start into my world of writing for pay, and my head is swimming with idea’s.

When I saw how he runs things and the marketing techniques he is paying “some guy” in New York for, I literally had to bite my tongue.


So I managed to keep my opinons to myself, and made 40 bucks today, while securing at least 50 more in writing. (or should I say re-writing) I may one day be able to pay to market my invention. More on that next week! Have a great weekend!

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