The journey begins, but will I reach my destination?

I have explored many avenues of writing over the years, from riveting business plans, to procedural manuals for the automotive industry…..~yawn~ Great writing for those with insomnia! So, how do I write for others without actually going into an office everyday? Well I have a number of sticks in the fire, and by chronicling them, I hope to help others that don’t wish to wait until they are almost to retirement age to begin doing what they love and what they are good at.

I started by looking on line, and have applied for what seems like Hundreds of writing positions. I would still work for someone else, but I could work from home. There are many pitfalls and those that would take advantage of the freelance writer, which saddened me, but also made me more aware and so began the adventure of being on my own. No more feeling “trapped”.


I begin by putting together my portfolio, with writings I did for web content, blog content, product reviews and press releases. Now I have to research and put together a sheet for services and cost. This one is hard and it will be a bit of trial and error, as I only know what they (the third party service) pay the writer, and not what they get paid. I WILL get there, and yes, the journey so far is exciting. Stay tuned to find out how I stumbled into a paying job, a passion for children,s books, and an invention.

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