Writing and shameless self promoting

I have spent many months accumulating writings to start a portfolio, these are freelance jobs that I received compensation for. I am currently at the bottom of the writing chain, and have been trying to figure out how to eliminate the “middle man”…..you know, that person that finds the work and hires the writer. I want to find my own work, and ~gasp~ make a living at it.

So now comes the shameless self promotion! I am going to journal my writing journey, promote and brag about my accomplishments, and minimize my failures. I started with creating my own business card, with which I intend to barter with.


I began my journey, unintentionally, by the answering of an ad on Craig’s List for a job going door to door for a laundromat. After I met with the guy, I found out he needed help with a newsletter, a website and social media! Score! Its not much, but it is a start and it is what I love to do, and what I am good at.

Don’t miss my adventures in the Florida Keys, where I will be networking with camp grounds there, trying to barter my writing for use of their camp!!

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