Freelance Writers – Can we really get paid to do this?

I recently found that there are a lot of websites that cater to the freelance writer. Initially I thought I was in heaven, and then found out, that wading through the potential paying Customers, would become a full time job. I would like to share some of what I learned, and would like to hear from any of you, with tips for freelancing and actually getting paid for it.

First, don’t just take a job because the website looks credible.
Get a First and Last name for your potential employer.
Get a city and state where they reside.

In this age of technology, we can do a background check and be diligent, check them out, Google them, and if the worst happens these websites are designed just for the freelancer, and also check the BBB. These great tips were provided to me by Writers Weekly.

If you are owed money by a deadbeat publisher:

1. Read this article, which gives advice on sending one last threatening letter to the deadbeat.
This letter as been very helpful to many writers and has resulted in thousands of dollars being
paid quickly by deadbeats. It’s here:

2. To read about the different types deadbeats and what might be on their mind about
your situation/you, please read Angela’s article here:

3. Give them five business days to respond.

4. If they don’t respond (and even if they do respond and just give you more
of the same run-around), compose a short, factual letter about your experience with
the deadbeat. Be sure to tell the truth, and only the truth. Hint: The less emotion you
portray in your note, the more serious and reliable you will appear. Using profanity, tons of
exclamation marks and capital letters will only make you lose credibility. Keep it
short and professional. Let the deadbeat’s behavior speak for itself.
Include copies of emails under your note that prove your side of the story.

5. Submit your complaint letter to:

This site is very easy to join and post to.

b. Bewares and Background Check
This forum is very active and you will likely hear from other victims if
you post here.

c. Preditors & Editors
Highly respected site in the freelance community! However, complaints may not
be posted immediately.

d. WriterBeware
Email Victoria Strauss at:


This is a very active board, too.
To join and post, click here:

g. The Better Business Bureau
You will need the deadbeat’s contact info. They will forward
your complaint immediately to the deadbeat and offer them the
chance to respond.

i. The attorney general’s office in their state.
This is helpful if there are many victims. However, if there are only one
or two, the AG will probably not launch an investigation. Google
“attorney general” and the name of their state. All the AG offices
have websites and most have links where you can instantly file a complaint

j. Your own website/blog
If you post your story to your own website/blog, please send that link to
us as well.

k. The FBI Internet Crime Division

Send the links to the posts above to Angela Hoy at:

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