justbrainatwork aka, Starwriters group, aka Colin – SCAM ALERT

When Writing goes wrong!

I have been a writer for over 20 years and have just recently begun freelancing. Admittedly I am new at this, but found what I thought was an amazing job! It began on a website freelancer.com, (who was notified of this, and immediately took this guys profile down) I began working, doing short articles for a variety of subjects. I thought the employer was legit, but unfortunately he was not. They left me hanging after taking 53 articles from me, and nary a payment was made. 😦

I thought I was diligent, but I was not, so now my job is to make sure that no one else gets left high and dry as I did. There are at least two people in on this scam, a male and a female, and they go by justbrainatwork and Starwriters group and the males first name is Colin. Please warn all your friends and family and get the word out. Writing is my passion but these articles took a lot of work and research, and as I have just lost my full time job, this money was really needed.

Here is a pic of the woman from my Skype as she is promising to pay me!

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