Cross my heart – James Patterson – REVIEW

What an intriguing book in the Alex Cross Series. What I like about this series, is each book can stand alone, but reading the series gives you the feeling of a vested interest in the main character’s.

In Cross my heart, the serial killer(s) takes on a whole new dimension. One is killing babies and prostitutes, and one is Thierry Mulch, aka Marcus Sunday, aka Preston Elliot, and he and his partner might just be the ones to bring Alex Cross to his knees. This is a fast paced novel, and I was thrilled to see Alex and Bree work together on a case, and to see they still haven’t given up on finding Ava, the young girl they took in from the streets.

This is a page turner, and nail biter, and the ending will leave you e-mailing James Patterson demanding to know when the next Alex Cross book is coming out. It is the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers!

I give this book 5 HELL YEAHS (out of 5)

2 thoughts on “Cross my heart – James Patterson – REVIEW

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