Canes of Divergence – Review

How do I review a book that is the fifth in a series, without giving too much away? I am so invested in the Dusk Gate Chronicles that I want everyone to know, that although the genre is Young Adult, it is so much more than that. These books are about two separate worlds, Earth and Deusterros, and the common links between them, namely, Quinn, Owen and the enigmatic and magical Alvin. In Canes of Divergence you will pick back up with Quinn and William’s fairy tale life, but the life of royals isn’t always easy, as they will find out. In this book, Quinn and William will have to face many things, and a letter from her father shows them that there may be more to fear than just Tolliver, and whoever may be helping him. Who ends up on what side of the gate? Will it be closed forever this time?

As I have given all the books in this series, I give this one 5 Hell Yeah’s (out of 5)

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