The Anxiety Handbook – Review

Money, jobs, the economy, world peace, children, these are all just a few of the things we worry about today that can cause us anxiety. It can manifest itself in anger, rage, fear, obsessions, and over sensitivity. Don’t think you have to live with it, learn the 7 steps you can take to minimize your anxiety. This book will help you understand and manage your anxiety, and maybe even overcome it. Irrational fear, a past brush with disaster, fear of others expectations are all types of anxiety that can manifest itself into physical symptoms like light headedness, muscle tension and rapid heartbeat, just to name a few. Let this book help define your specific anxiety related condition, explore the causes, and then learn how to manage it. You don’t have to live with anxiety anymore.

I give this 3 Hell Yeahs! Although informative, some of the information is not very useful. If you have severe anxiety this book may be able to give you some helpful hints on how to control it. It is on Amazon (By Calistoga Press)

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