Tricks or Treats?

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

I don’t really have one from MY childhood, as it always seemed to be freezing in Michigan for Trick or Treating time, and wearing snow gear under my costume was not the biggest thrill. Maybe that is why I have always preferred to hand out candy, to trying to collect it.

My most cherished memories are of taking my children out when they were young. My least favorite lesson I had to teach my children, was that not everyone was “good”, as we had to take all candy to the police station to be “checked”, and anything un-wrapped, loosely wrapped, or damaged in anyway had to be thrown away. As they got older, they would try to get as much as possible, because they knew I would throw away a good portion of it every year.

Now that everyone is grown with a family of their own, I am back to handing out candy, and I am ok with that.

Happy Halloween!


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